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Computer users risk damaging their Modems too often!

It happens quite often.  You rely on your computer to communicate.  But the weakest link in the traveling office is the telephone line interface, not the modem or PC.  And modems are manufactured to high standards they don't posses the robustness to survive an incorrectly configured network.  That's the price you pay for that small tight package.  Connect it to what you think is a properly configured Hotel, Office PBX, or remote RJ11 network jack and you've just purchased a new modemor worse, lost a client.And sadly, eventually you'll repeat the same mistake and never know what happened.

So what is the solution? The BT-10 Telephone Line Tester is your answer.  It's engineered for accurate verification of single and two-line analog telephone installations.  It can assist in preventing damage to analog modems or telephone equipment and also indicate the continuity of cables or extensions.  The pen-sized device is push-button operated, easy to use, and requires no batteries or maintenance.  It can determine if a digital telephone system can interface to your modem. That's right!  Some digital PBX systems actually use an analog telephone pair. But you would have to carry a regular telephone around with you to know this, and it won't guarantee that a potentialy damaging network exists. Designed to save your time, money, and sanity.

The BT-10 is an inexpensive in-pocket modem insurance policy.

BT-10 and Pen.
  • Quick and Easy Operation.
  • Test one or two line network interface installations.
  • Indicate Tip to Ring DC polarity.
  • Show potentially damaging DC line voltage.
  • Indicate if loop current is available for proper modem operation.
  • Automatically detect AC ring signals.
  • Measure relative AC ring voltage level.
  • Precisely simulate an active modem.
  • Built-in RJ11 receptacle for testing extensions.
  • Includes two flexible adapters for convenience (one spare).
BT10 on grass mat2.The BT-10's modern and attractively styled housing is manufactured of high-impact ABS plastic.*   All indicators use LEDs for superb visibility and reliable life. The RJ11 receptacle and removable adapter are encased by a dust proof cap. The adapter's flexibility suits the device for use in any position. Its light weight, convenient pocket clip, and pen-size allows for portability. 
The Telephone Technician's pocket wizard. 
BT-10 Technical Information. 
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