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Why every Laptop User and Technician should have a BT-10.

BT-10 in Pocket.

The BT-10 Modem and Telephone Line Tester is engineered for accurate verification of single and two-line analog telephone installations.  It can assist in preventing damage to analog modems or telephone equipment and indicate the continuity of cables or extensions.  The pen-sized device is push-button operated, easy to use, and requires no batteries or maintenance.

BT10 on grass mat.The BT-10's modern and attractively styled housing is manufactured of high-impact ABS plastic. All indicators use LEDs for superb visibility and reliable life. The RJ11 receptacle and removable adapter are encased by a dust proof cap. The adapter's flexibility suits the device for use in any position. Its light weight, convenient pocket clip, and pen-size allows for portability.

All of the necessary tests that a telephone technician can perform with bulky and expensive instruments can be executed with the BT-10's electronic accuracy at a fraction of the cost. Installation and line checks can be accomplished faster and with less inconvenience. Poor connections that can not be determined with a lineman's test set can now be quickly and easily detected.

Cumbersome equipment is no longer required. The BT-10's portability, accurate design and rugged construction can meet the needs of Telephone Technicians, Computer Professionals, and Electricians at a reasonable cost and with utmost convenience.

Modem protection, the perfect laptop companion! 
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